Little Death at the Theatre Centre

Zachary is directing the world premiere of Daniel Karasik’s new play, Little Death, in Toronto in Spring 2015. Daniel’s remarkable new play tells the story of Alex, who may or may not be dying. Confronted with his mortality, he searches for sex and connection in hotel bars — with his wife Brit’s conflicted blessing. Lyrical and spare, Little Death asks fundamental questions about marriage, fidelity, and the intimate needs of men and women. The production features an incredible cast: Shauna Black, Sarah Dodd, Kate Hennig, Christopher Stanton, Elizabeth Tanner and Nicole Underhay. Little Death runs from April 17 to May 3, 2015 in the BMO Incubator at the Theatre Centre as part of The RISER Project, a collaborative producing model presented by Why Not Theatre. Seating capacity is limited, so book your tickets here.